Runtime security agent tailors itself to each Linux-based IoT device

Runtime security agent tailors itself to each Linux-based IoT device


VDOO has launched an “ERA” (Embedded Runtime Agent) for securing Linux IoT devices. The agent self-optimizes for specific systems with the help of the company’s Vision analytics software.

Security startup VDOO has launched its ERA (Embedded Runtime Agent), which it claims is the first auto-generated runtime agent designed to offer security protections directly on Linux-based IoT devices. The ERA agent is claimed to offer more optimized and timely protection of IoT devices than is available from typical top-down enterprise security solutions. A runtime agent like ERA is better equipped for securing highly diversified IoT devices, says the Israel-based company.

VDOO secured $13 million from Dell and other investors a year ago to help produce a growing stable of security software. Its major offering is a Vision security analytics platform, which is integrated with ERA.

Vision is used to scan and analyze the firmware of the device to identify vulnerabilities and provide optimized security recommendations. Vision then auto-generates a security plan that enables the developer to tailor the ERA agent for the device to reduce unnecessary overhead and better protect against specific vulnerabilities.

Available for Linux and Android, with FreeRTOS support in beta, ERA supports Arm, x86, and MIPS devices. Its footprint is less than 1MB and it consumes less than 1 percent of CPU overhead, says VDOO.


Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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