Linux Kernel 3.2.75 LTS Is Out and Marks Four Years of Support...

Linux Kernel 3.2.75 LTS Is Out and Marks Four Years of Support for the Branch


The Linux kernel 3.2.x branch is one of the oldest, and it’s only surpassed by the 2.6.32.x branch, which is just ancient. At this point, Linux kernel 3.2.x is being used so much that it would be pretty much a small tragedy of they decided to pull the plug.

Usually, new LTS versions of the Linux kernel don’t last this long, and they reach end of life in a reasonable amount of time, but some of older branches have managed to survive despite all odds and they still get updated from time to time.

Linux kernel 3.2.75 LTS brings a small number of changes and improvements, even though this is a fairly old version. The LTS stands for Long Term Support, which is really stretching it for this particular version. Linus Torvalds launched Linux kernel 3.2 in January 2012, which means that it’s been around for four years, and it’s still going strong.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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