Ubuntu Touch Still Has the Best and Most Complete App Permissions

Ubuntu Touch Still Has the Best and Most Complete App Permissions


App permissions is a feature that’s now present in pretty much all the major mobile operating systems, but Ubuntu has the best implementation available right now.
The Ubuntu operating system is one of the first to have introduced incremental app permissions, but because it wasn’t made available worldwide like all the others, this particular feature has gone by unnoticed, even if it promised much better user control.
Canonical was implementing detailed app permissions almost two years ago, at a time when it was only a dream for some of the other distros. For example, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is finally making this feature available for users. People will know that a certain application will want to access some Android feature, but it’s only a general information.
An Android app will say that it needs access to your contacts, and you only say yes or no. In Ubuntu, that particular option is much more refined. Before the user makes that choice, the context needs to be known and explained.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-still-has-the-best-and-most-complete-app-permissions-499028.shtml
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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