Linux Kernel 4.5 Release Candidate Build

Linux Kernel 4.5 Release Candidate Build


According to Mr. Torvalds, Linux kernel 4.5 RC2 is a pretty big one, at least when compared with last week’s first Release Candidate build, and it includes architecture and driver updates, some fixes for the Btrfs file system, perf improvements, as well as the new virtio self-tests. Other than that, small improvements here and there, but you should check the appended shortlog for technical details.
If you’re one of those hardcore geeks that like to spend Sunday nights testing the latest Release Candidate build of the upcoming kernel branch, we would like to inform you that Linux kernel 4.5 RC2 is now ready for testing.
Just please try to keep in mind that RC builds are pre-release versions, which means that you should not install them on your production-ready machine or replace a stable kernel package with them. By the looks of it, the final release of Linux kernel 4.5 should see the light of day sometime in March 2016.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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