GNOME Maps 3.20 to Allow for OpenStreetMap Editing

GNOME Maps 3.20 to Allow for OpenStreetMap Editing


When the first edition of GNOME Maps landed just a couple of years ago, it was really hard to picture its place in the stack. It’s an application that doesn’t have any kind of competition, which might be a good indication that it’s needed.
GNOME Maps remained pretty simple for much of its life, but things started to change a few months ago, and more features started to land. Since this application takes advantage of the OpenStreetMap database, it makes sense that users could interact with this resource on a deeper level. So now it’s possible to edit the map straight from the GNOME Maps.
The new GNOME 20 is scheduled to land by the end of March, and developers have been instructed to prepare for the feature freeze. After this point in the development, cycle developer will have to focus only on bug fixes.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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