Nvidia releases 361.91 driver and improves Linux support

Nvidia releases 361.91 driver and improves Linux support


Street Fighter V is coming out tomorrow, and Nvidia is making sure that gamers can hadouken each other with maximum graphical fidelity. The company has just released its WHQL-certified 361.91 drivers, which offer some tweaks for Capcom’s fighting game and a bevy of SLI profile updates for other titles.
Linux-using gerbils will be happy with another tidbit of news. Nvidia has released signed firmware blobs for cards with GM200 and GM204 GPUs, paving the way for the open-source Nouveau project to enable full hardware acceleration on those chips.
Until now, Linux gamers had to use Nvidia’s closed-source driver to get 3D acceleration support, a situation that’s likely to change soon. Phoronix says the Mesa and Nouveau teams expect to have support for GM200 and GM204-based cards baked into the Linux 4.6 kernel cycle.

Source: http://techreport.com/news/29717/nvidia-releases-361-91-driver-and-improves-linux-support
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