Android trojan Triada implants itself into older mobes’ ‘brains’

Android trojan Triada implants itself into older mobes’ ‘brains’


Security researchers have discovered a trojan targeting Android devices that can be as complex and functional as Windows-based malware.
The Triada trojan is stealthy, modular, persistent and written by professional cybercriminals, according to security researchers at Kaspersky Lab.
The trojan can modify outgoing SMS messages sent by other applications. When a user is making in-app purchases via SMS for Android games, fraudsters are likely to modify the outgoing SMS so that they receive the money instead of the game developers, raking in illicit income in the process.
Triada operates silently, meaning that all malicious activities are hidden, both from the user and from other applications.
Smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4.4. and earlier versions of the mobile OS are at the greatest risk. Android-based devices running versions higher than 4.4.4 have fewer vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain root access, a vital stepping stone in the malware’s pwnage of compromised devices.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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