UbuntuBSD Brings Ubuntu And FreeBSD Together

UbuntuBSD Brings Ubuntu And FreeBSD Together


Move over Linux, people. UbuntuBSD is bringing the experience of Ubuntu on the top of a FreeBSD kernel. Quite unsurprisingly, UbuntuBSD has taglined itself as ‘Unix for human beings’. If you remember, Ubuntu uses the tagline ‘Linux for human beings’ and have actually made it possible for a ‘normal human’ to use Linux in last 11 years. UbuntuBSD aims to do the same. Which is to make Unix accessible and usable by beginners, if I may put it that way. At least, this is what it aims.
When you have get the difference between Unix, Linux and FreeBSD, let me tell you that UbuntuBSD is not the first Linux-ish experience on the top of FreeBSD kernel.
When Debian opted out for systemd, this resulted in the birth of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD operating system. It is a port of Debian that run on the top of FreeBSD rather than the usual Linux kernel.
UbuntuBSD is a similar implementation of Ubuntu on FreeBSD kernel.
The first beta release of UbuntuBSD is out and it has been codenamed “Escape from SystemD”. It is based on Ubuntu 15.10 and FreeBSD kernel 10.1.
It ships with Xfce desktop and is designed for both desktop and server. ZFS support is included as well. It has text based installer.

Source: http://itsfoss.com/ubuntubsd-ubuntu-freebsd/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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