MJ Technology’s Ubuntu tablet hits Indiegogo for $230 and up

MJ Technology’s Ubuntu tablet hits Indiegogo for $230 and up


Canonical and BQ may have partnered to create the first Ubuntu tablet to ship with support for both mobile and desktop user interfaces. But if you’re looking for something a bit more powerful than the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet which recently went up for pre-order, a startup called MJ Technology thinks it has the answer.
Earlier this year MJ Technology announced plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a 10 inch tablet with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor and Ubuntu software. While the campaign is launching a little later than expected, it’s now live at Indiegogo, and the developer hopes to ship the first tablets in August, assuming the campaign raises at least $200,000.
While the tablets are expected to ship with Ubuntu 16.04, as computers with Intel x86 64-bit chips, they should be able to support a range of alternate operating systems including Windows or other Linux distributions.

Source: http://liliputing.com/2016/03/mj-technologys-ubuntu-tablet-hits-indiegogo-230.html
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