Ubuntu Budgie Could Be the New Flavor of Ubuntu Linux, as Part...

Ubuntu Budgie Could Be the New Flavor of Ubuntu Linux, as Part of Ubuntu 16.10


Last month we told you about a new GNU/Linux distribution called Budgie-Remix, whose ultimate goal is to become an official Ubuntu Linux flavor, possibly under the name of Ubuntu Budgie.
Today, Budgie-Remix developer David Mohammed informs Softpedia about the progress made with the project, which Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said that it would definitely support if there were a community around the packaging, as well as the availability of the second Beta build for the upcoming 16.04 release.
Since our initial report, it looks like David Mohammed managed to get in contact with the Ubuntu MATE project leader Martin Wimpress, who urged him to target Ubuntu 16.10 for an official status of his soon-to-be-named Ubuntu flavor built on top of the Budgie desktop environment created by the amazing team of developers from Solus.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-budgie-could-be-the-new-flavor-of-ubuntu-linux-as-part-of-ubuntu-16-10-502573.shtml
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