Ubuntu 16.04 LTS launches April 21st

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS launches April 21st


Canonical releases a new version of its Ubuntu Linux operating system every six months, which means that sometimes it’s hard to spot the big new changes from one release to the next.
But this week the company is releasing Ubuntu 16.04 and it’s special for a few reasons. First, it’s a Long Term Support (or LTS) release, which means Canonical will continue to offer support and software updates for 5 years. And second, this is the first full version of Ubuntu to support snap packages as well as .deb packages. That will make it easier to get new builds of software more quickly.
Ubuntu has been marching toward “convergence,” in recent years. That means the same operating system can run on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Recently the first tablet to support Ubuntu’s convergence mode went on sale, allowing you to use a tablet-style user interface when holding the device in your hands, or a desktop-style interface when a mouse is detected.
One of the new features that made its debut with Ubuntu for phones and Internet of Things products was the new “snap” packaging system, which is now coming to the desktop version of Ubuntu.

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