No Ubuntu Back Doors, Windows and Mac Migrations

No Ubuntu Back Doors, Windows and Mac Migrations


Mark Shuttleworth said in an interview with today, “We will never backdoor Ubuntu.” He said, “We don’t do encryption to hide things; we do encryption so we can choose what to share. We will never weaken encryption.” Watch the full interview for more on Ubuntu development, in particular plans for Mir. Speaking of Ubuntu, another announcement coming out of the UOS is that the size limit of Ubuntu desktop image will be raised. Releases surpassed the limit a while back anyway, so they’re making it official according to OMG!Ubuntu! The new limit is up from one gigabyte to two. OMG!Ubuntu! also posted of Ubuntu in the wild, April 2016 edition. And finally, one more Ubuntu note, Jesse Smith said today of 16.04, “Ubuntu 16.04 is a very nice release.”

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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