4 Notable Security Upgrades Coming to Android N

4 Notable Security Upgrades Coming to Android N


Android is the world’s largest and most popular mobile operating system, by far. But popularity, and its openness, have security and privacy trade-offs. At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, we got a look at some of the features keeping us safe in the very near future.
One of the biggest changes in Android N’s security is the new direct boot. In a nutshell, this allows your phone to update, reboot, and still be able to wake you up in the morning.
Google is rolling out a new way to update your phone. And the most noticeable thing is that you probably won’t notice it. Taking a page from Chrome OS, Android N will seamlessly apply software updates automatically and without taking what feels like a lifetime to optimize all the apps on your phone.
Nearly a year after Stagefright was disclosed, there has yet to be a single attack. While one could say this demonstrates that it was too obscure and exotic an exploit to be practical, it has had some very real and positive consequences for users. The new update system and retooling of Android’s media innards can only be good.
When it comes to user data like what’s shared with Google through the Google Photos app or in the future with the Google assistant, these results are only for users. Google’s search chief John Giannandrea clarified further, saying that no photo information, not even in aggregate, is shared with advertisers.

Source: http://www.pcmag.com/news/344642/4-notable-security-upgrades-coming-to-android-n
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