Canonical Plans on Improving the Ubuntu Linux Terminal UX on Mobile and...

Canonical Plans on Improving the Ubuntu Linux Terminal UX on Mobile and Desktop


Canonical announced that they are planning on transforming the community developed Terminal app into a convergent Linux terminal that’s easy to use on both mobile phones and tablets.
Terminal is a core Ubuntu Touch app and the only project to bring you the popular Linux shell on your Ubuntu Phone or Ubuntu Tablet device. And now, Canonical’s designers are in charge of making the Linux terminal user experience much pleasant by making Terminal convergent across all screen formats.
To make the mobile Linux terminal user experience even nicer, Canonical plans on implementing an app specific auto-correct dictionary for terminal commands, and add support for custom themes.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


  1. I have a printer hooked up to the computer in my room. My daughter has a computer in her room and no printer. How can she do her homework on her computer, but have it print out on the printer in my room? Do I need the internet on one computer or both? Maybe not at all?.

    • I suppose one quick, wireless, way would be to use Google Print. Other than that you’d need to have something like a small four port switch (or similar) and have your PC, the printer, and your daughters PC all in that switch. The printer would then be networked.

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