Several Linux Distros Cater To Deep Web Users

Several Linux Distros Cater To Deep Web Users


One thing to keep in mind when trying to browse the darknet is how a browser or anonymity tool is not a sufficient solution. While this is convenient and somewhat secure, a lot of data can be collected in the background. Which operating system is being used, the current timezone, and in some cases, even what type of hardware is being used.
With the specific Linux distributions, most of those problems are taken away. Keeping in mind how these solutions are created by third parties, there is always a security concern to keep in mind. Whonix, while one of the oldest distros well-suited for darknet usage, is also rather simple to use and set up.
Booting these solutions from a removable storage device adds another layer of privacy for the user. For users who are looking for a more advanced solution, Kali Linux will have you covered. With several hundred tools focusing on penetration testing, it is safe to say this is taking things to whole new level. However, this distro is not designed for the novice user, as they will get overwhelmed by all of the options at their disposal.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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