Some Lenovo PCs can’t run Linux (update: Microsoft response)

Some Lenovo PCs can’t run Linux (update: Microsoft response)


Lenovo just can’t seem to avoid troubles with its PC firmware. Linux users are worried that some of Lenovo’s PCs, such as variants of the Yoga 710 and Yoga 900, aren’t allowing them to install their preferred operating system. They note that the systems’ solid-state drives use a RAID mode that Linux doesn’t understand. That’s unpleasant enough, but Lenovo’s initial handling of complaints didn’t help. Its staff locked support forum threads discussing the topic, and a Lenovo Product Expert on Best Buy claims that a Yoga 900’s use of a pure, Signature Edition take on Windows 10 Home meant that it was “locked per our agreement with Microsoft.” If that was true, it’d be pretty damning.

Microsoft has gotten in touch and flatly denies that its Signature program prevents Linux installs. It also echoes Lenovo’s stance on hardware support:
“Lenovo recently adopted RAID on SSDs in certain product configurations, which require additional steps to support all system features. More information can be found on their support page; Recent claims about software installation issues related to Microsoft Signature are inaccurate.”



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