Ubuntu 16.10: Convergence is in a holding pattern; consistency’s here instead

Ubuntu 16.10: Convergence is in a holding pattern; consistency’s here instead


There’s plenty in Ubuntu 16.10 that makes it worth the upgrade, though nothing about Canonical’s latest release is groundbreaking. This less experimental but worthwhile update continues to refine and bug-fix what at this point has become the fastest, stablest, least-likely-to-completely-change-between-point releases of the three major “modern” Linux desktops.
Still, while the Unity 7.5 desktop offers stability and speed today, it’s not long for this world. Ubuntu 16.10 is the seventh release since the fabled Unity 8 and its accompanying Mir display server were announced. Yet in Ubuntu 16.10, there’s still no Unity 8 nor Mir.
In Canonical’s defense, the competing display server project, Wayland, hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. Wayland will likely be the default for the Fedora Project’s next release, Fedora 25. But the difference is that GNOME 3 isn’t tied to Wayland and has been cranking out impressive releases for some time now while Unity 7.5 is feeling, well, a bit dated.
It’s worth noting that Ubuntu 16.10 is the first official release of Ubuntu to ship with Unity 8 and Mir available. And users can even try out a Unity 8 session by clicking the Ubuntu symbol next to their username when they log in.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/10/ubuntu-16-10-convergence-is-in-a-holding-pattern-consistencys-here-instead/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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