Ubuntu Core 16 lays foundation for securer IoT

Ubuntu Core 16 lays foundation for securer IoT


Canonical has released the Ubuntu Core 16 for the IoT, with regular and reliable security updates, and app stores for intelligent connected devices.
The Ubuntu Core is already in use in top-of-rack switches, industrial gateways, home gateways, radio access networks, digital signage, robots and drones. “The Ubuntu Core secures the Internet of Things and provides an app store for every device,” said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical.
The Core delivers a combination of security, management, operations and upgradability in a compact, developer-friendly platform, thanks to its use of read only ‘snap’ packages. These packages are securely confined, tamper-proof application images, digitally signed to the integrity of IoT software.
According to Canonical Update Control will allow software publishers and manufacturers to validate updates across the ecosystem before they are applied. Snap updates are transactional, which means that failures are automatically rolled back, giving developers the confidence to update their applications regularly.
The operating system and kernel in Ubuntu Core are also delivered as snaps, so the entire platform is transactionally upgradeable while all Ubuntu Core devices, from all manufacturers, will have free, regular and reliable OS security updates.

Source: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/ubuntu-core-16-lays-foundation-for-securer-iot/147674/
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