Fedora 25 Linux Delayed by a Week, Could Arrive on November 22,...

Fedora 25 Linux Delayed by a Week, Could Arrive on November 22, 2016


Platform and Fedora Program Manager Jan Kurik dropped the bad news earlier on the project’s mailing list, and it now looks like the next planned GA (General Availability) date for the Fedora 25 Linux operating system is November 22, 2016. The release was delayed due to a bug in the boot menu, which was not visible on a Mac OS X dual boot install.
Last week, we reported that the Fedora 25 operating system was in Final Freeze, the most important step in its development cycle, which means that no new package versions will be added to the repositories until the final release hits the streets. Only critical bugs were allowed during the Final Freeze stage.
The Final Freeze is still in place, and it looks like a critical bug blocks the final Fedora 25 release from hitting the streets on November 15. This will be the second delay the operating system receives during its entire development cycle. Fedora 25 promises exciting new features.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/fedora-25-linux-delayed-by-a-week-could-arrive-on-november-22-2016-510125.shtml
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