Canonical Releases Snapd 2.18 Snappy Daemon for Ubuntu Core 16 and Ubuntu...

Canonical Releases Snapd 2.18 Snappy Daemon for Ubuntu Core 16 and Ubuntu 16.10


snapd 2.18 is here three weeks after the snapd 2.17.1 point release, bringing a large number of improvements and many fixes for the most annoying issues reported by users since then, improving the Snappy experience on Ubuntu. On top of that, the Snappy team also announced today a new candidate core snap.
Prominent new features of snapd 2.18 include the “snap info ” command for viewing details about a certain Snap package, support for the “snap find –section=” command, the ability to view featured Snaps using the “snap find” command without any other arguments, and support for delta downloads on slow connections.
Additionally, snapd 2.18 addresses an issue with the “`snap install/remove/refresh ” command to no longer fail if the respective Snap package is already in the sought state. You can now view progress information for in-progress changes using the “snap watch ” command, and there are also a bunch of networking improvements.
A lot of new interfaces have been added in this new snapd release, among which we can mention raw-usb, lxd-client, avahi-observe, ofono, alsa, and i2c. Support for the browser-support, process-control, and fctix interfaces was improved, and it’s now possible to resume partial downloads and export per-snap XDG_RUNTIME_DIR per user.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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