SemiCode OS — New Linux Distro For Programmers And Web Developers

SemiCode OS — New Linux Distro For Programmers And Web Developers


SemiCode OS is a Linux distribution developed specifically for programmers and web developers. Based on Ubuntu 14.04, it uses the familiar GNOME desktop environment and comes preloaded with a good selection of developer tools. The early beta version, SemiCode OS v0.1, is available for download and testing.
Very often Linux enthusiasts complain regarding the fragmentation due to hundreds of distributions. Each distribution has its own libraries, kernel configuration, pre-installed software, etc. However, the same variety makes Linux unique. Every person can create his/her own Linux distro and customize it.
If we take a look at the vast list of various Linux distributions, there are specialized solutions for hackers, power users, artists, and gamers. But, there’s a dearth of distros that claim to serve the unique needs of programmers, probably, because most Linux-based operating systems are customizable and a developers can install all the useful tools in no time.
Having said that, I’m going to tell you about a new Linux distribution that’s focused on programmers and web developers. Named SemiCode OS, this distro is based on Ubuntu Linux.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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