After ignoring Linux for years, Adobe releases Flash 24 for Linux

After ignoring Linux for years, Adobe releases Flash 24 for Linux


Adobe has just released the first final Adobe Flash Player stable release, Flash Player 24, for GNU/Linux in years.
The company announced back in September 2016 that it would bring back Flash for Linux from the dead. This came as a surprise as it had ignored Linux for the most part when it comes to Flash.
Adobe promised back then that it would provide a Linux version of Adobe Flash Player that would be in sync with the company’s regular Windows and Mac releases of Flash Player.
A beta release of Flash 23 was released at the time with the promise that a final version would be made available.
This beta version was only available through the Adobe Labs website. Once installed on a device running Linux, browsers like Firefox or Pale Moon would pick up the plugin automatically giving users options to run most Flash content on the Internet.
Most? Adobe stated back then that the Linux version of Flash Player would not support some features, GPU 3D acceleration and support for premium video DRM for instance. The company recommended the Chrome web browser and its integrated version of Linux for that as it does not have that limitations.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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