‘Civilization 6’ Will Finally Arrive On Linux And SteamOS Very Soon

‘Civilization 6’ Will Finally Arrive On Linux And SteamOS Very Soon


The Linux community that are fans of “Civilization 6” have something to celebrate about as the game is finally arriving soon on Linux as well as on SteamOS by popopular demand, according to a report by Rock Paper Shotgun. The game already made its way to Mac.
The port will be handled by Aspyr Media which stated that they were checking the feasibility of a Linux port as Linux gamers were left without their version of the game, now the wait is finally over.
Elizabeth Howard, Aspy’s vice president of publishing, states, “This is by far the most requested game we get asked for by the Linux community.” They were given tokens of appreciation for the announcement and she also added, “Besides daily inquiries asking for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, we’ve also received twelve dozen warm chocolate chip cookies as well as squishy Linux penguin toys for the entire office. To say that we are excited to bring Sid Meier’s Civilization VI to Linux is an understatement.”
New content was released quietly for the game last month. The content was called the “Winter Update” that added new scenarios and a new Civ Poland. One scenario is based on the Ottoman invasion of Central Europe, while the other scenario is based on Vikings.
The Linux users should be happy to know that the “Civilization 6” that they are getting will come with its latest updates therefore they will be able to enjoy the game more.

Source: http://www.mobilenapps.com/articles/31114/20170111/civilization-6-will-finally-arrive-on-linux-and-steamos-very-soon.htm
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