Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” KDE Gets a Beta Release, Ships with KDE...

Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” KDE Gets a Beta Release, Ships with KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS


The KDE Edition is the last in the new Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” stable series to be published, and it was delayed a little bit because Clement Lefebvre and his team wanted it to ship with the latest KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS desktop environment from the Kubuntu Backports PPA repository.
Just like all the other official flavors from the Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” and Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” series, the KDE Edition is based on Canonical’s Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system, using the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel. This Beta release also ships with linux-firmware 1.157.5 and numerous other updated components.
With the exception of the fact that Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” KDE is using the KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS desktop environment by default, which was ported from the Kubuntu 16.04 LTS backport repositories, the distro only brings various enhancements to the in-house built Software Sources and Update Manager utilities.
Clement Lefebvre confirms in the release notes that Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” will be a long-term supported release, which will receive security patches and software updates for four more years, until 2021.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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