Forget About OpenGL 4.2, Intel Haswell GPUs Now Support OpenGL 4.5 in...

Forget About OpenGL 4.2, Intel Haswell GPUs Now Support OpenGL 4.5 in Ubuntu


Paulo Miguel Dias updated his Padoka PPA (Personal Package Archive) for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 operating systems to the latest Mesa 17.0.0-git, bringing us OpenGL 4.5 support for Intel Haswell GPUs.
Yes, we’re aware of the fact that just last week we told you Intel Haswell graphics cards supported OpenGL 4.2 for better gaming, thanks to a set of recent patches submitted by developer Juan A. Suarez Romero to implement support for 64-bit vertex attributes, which enabled OpenGL 4.2 for Intel Haswell.
Think that was big news for Intel Haswell users? Think again, because Intel’s senior graphics software engineer Kenneth Graunke published a new patch for the open-source Intel i965 graphics driver to enable OpenGL 4.5 on Intel Haswell GPUs, and since it soon landed in Mesa Git, you can have it on Ubuntu.
How? It’s simple, by installing either the Padoka or Oibaf PPAs, which are well known among the Ubuntu gaming community for providing up-to-date open-source graphics drivers for Intel, AMD Radeon, and Nvidia GPUs. These PPAs offer frequent updates of the latest Mesa 17.0.0-git 3D Graphics Library.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


  1. GZDoom recently committed a patch which bans the program from running on systems using Mesa for broken OpenGL.

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