C++17 Is Now Complete | Best & New Features Coming Soon To...

C++17 Is Now Complete | Best & New Features Coming Soon To C++


If you are fond of the relatively newer programming languages like Apple’s Swift, you might be too comfortable calling C++ a bloated programming language. To tackle such questions and improve the support for large-scale software, C++17 is expected to ship later this year.
C++17 has become a major release just like C++98 and C++11. ISO C++ standards member Herb Sutter recently shared his report from the standards meeting and told that C++17 is now complete.
The new C++ 17 standards are introducing new features like structured bindings and if initialisers, making this vintage programming language “feature complete”.
The C++ community is calling C++17 the start of a new era that will bring powerful technical specifications. The non-C++17 features will be released later as add-ons in future releases.

Here’s the list of the most notable features coming to C++:

C++17 is based on C11
Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data
Guaranteed copy elision
Forward process guarantees (FPG)
Structured bindings
if (init; condition) and switch (init; condition)
constexpr if
Inline variables
A weaker version of fixed order-of-evaluation for expressions
Template argument deduction for class templates
Addition of std::byte type

Source: https://fossbytes.com/c17-programming-language-update/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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