Microsoft OneDrive Gets Bug Fixes on iOS and Linux

Microsoft OneDrive Gets Bug Fixes on iOS and Linux


Microsoft OneDrive app has been updated on iOS and the Redmond-based company has also fixed the bug that was making the Linux version of the OneDrive and OneDrive Business slower than the Windows version. The company has admitted that some Linux users were facing problems while accessing OneDrive for Business on the platform but says that it has identified the issue causing the problem and found the fix.
Starting with OneDrive’s version 8.12 update on iOS, which is already available for download on the App Store, brings along improved conditional access support. Moreover, the update fixes the issue where work and school users would see Wi-Fi errors and get signed out, as per the changelog on App Store.
In the meanwhile, OneDrive team’s Edgar has clarified to Hacker News that StaticLoad.aspx, a page that is meant for prefetching the resources in the background for Office online apps, uses “link prefetching browser mechanism” on platforms including iOS, ChromeOS, Mac, and Windows. However, in case of Linux, instead of using this technique, it was instead using a less efficient technique. Essentially the prefetching process, which is meant to accelerate background processing, was not working efficiently on Linux.

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