Ubuntu 18.04 LTS To Drop Default Unity Desktop, Will Switch Back To...

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS To Drop Default Unity Desktop, Will Switch Back To GNOME


After a couple of Alpha and Beta releases of Ubuntu 17.04, which were called “boring” by many users, Canonical boss Mark Shuttleworth just dropped a big bombshell.
In a blog post, which is shocking in many regards, Shuttleworth announced that Canonical is making some big changes and ending its investment in Unity 8. That isn’t all. Canonical will also ditch the phone and convergence shell.
As a result, Ubuntu will switch back to default GNOME desktop environment for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which is slated to arrive next year.
Shuttleworth further said that Canonical will continue to produce the “most usable open source desktop in the world.” He also added that the company will continue to work on maintaining the existing LTS releases and work with the partners to innovate.
Shuttleworth said that his convergence vision was wrong and perceived as fragmentation. He also iterated that Ubuntu IoT and cloud story is excellent and Canonical will continue to focus on them.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/ubuntu-18-04-lts-gnome-default/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


  1. Honestly, I’m glad Ubuntu is to the point where new releases are “boring.” That means they just work like always. I’m not sure what new desktop innovations people are expecting. Every time Microsoft releases some “exciting innovation,” it turns out to be either merely unpopular (like the new start menu) or some hellish privacy issue (like Windows 10 uninstalling programs and resetting defaults with *mandatory* updates). Compared to that nonsense, “boring” is welcome indeed.

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