SteamOS Now Based on Debian 8.8 with Linux 4.11, Uses Mesa Instead...

SteamOS Now Based on Debian 8.8 with Linux 4.11, Uses Mesa Instead of AMDGPU-PRO


As expected, the SteamOS 2.115 update is based on the software repositories of the recently released Debian GNU/Linux 8.8 “Jessie” operating system, which means that it’s been patched with all the latest security fixes. Support for the Linux 4.11 kernel series is implemented as well in this new version of SteamOS, you should check out the release notes for details on all the updated components.
Besides shipping with Linux kernel 4.11 and up-to-date packages from Debian GNU/Linux 8.8, SteamOS 2.115 switches to the open-source Mesa 3D Graphics Library for AMD Radeon GPUs. In other words, it drops the AMDGPU-PRO proprietary graphics driver from AMD. Additionally, it implements AMD Vulkan support, which works only if you’re using the Steam Beta Client.
Other than that, SteamOS 2.115 comes with better game controller support, various Wi-Fi and graphics improvements, and dozens of small, yet important changes that promise to make this the biggest SteamOS update ever.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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