It’s Now Possible to Install the Linux 4.13 RC2 Kernel on Your...

It’s Now Possible to Install the Linux 4.13 RC2 Kernel on Your Slackware Distro


GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton is known for creating and maintaining a bunch of Linux-based operating systems, as well as for packaging the latest kernels for Slackware Linux.
Slackware is the oldest GNU/Linux distro that’s still in active development, and it recently turned 24 years old. To celebrate this event, Arne Exton managed to create a custom 64-bit kernel for Slackware 14.2 based on the recently released Linux 4.13 RC2 kernel, which brings support for new hardware and other optimizations.
If you want to install Arne Exton’s Linux 4.13 RC2 kernel on your 64-bit Slackware 14.2 distro, you should first make a backup of the /boot/vmlinuz file as it will be overwritten during the installation. Also, you may need to modify your GRUB bootloader configuration if you’ve done some changes there yourself.
Nvidia GPU users will also need to remove the blacklisting of the open-source Nouveau graphics driver in the nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf and blacklist.conf files located in /etc/modprobe.d before attempting to install this custom Linux 4.13 RC2 kernel.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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