Handy Backup for Linux: Multi-User Operations and Proof-testing with Ubuntu 16.04

Handy Backup for Linux: Multi-User Operations and Proof-testing with Ubuntu 16.04


Novosoft, LLC updates its popular Handy Backup software to create even more comfort and functionality for Linux users. The unified, mighty solution dedicated for creating automated backup and restore actions for all types of data existed now has a complete, proof-tested compatibility with the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS stable edition of Ubuntu Linux, a popular choice among different Linux users throughout the world. Besides tested compatibility, a new release contains some features helping effectively backup Linux server data, including a multi-user operational mode. The Windows release, Handy Backup 7.9.3, also contains some crucial improvements providing more efficient online backup, especially in complex and heterogeneous networks.
The new version of Handy Backup for Linux has a fully tested compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04, a popular Debian-based long-term service (LTS) release of a popular OS Linux distributive, which, in turn, makes a base for many other distros (e.g. Linux Mint). A user can install and update this Linux backup software solution automatically, using a dedicated repository with all the components of the program. To create and control Linux backup and restore activity, a Linux edition can use a remote Windows machine running a GUI for controlling all tasks, or instead, run a GUI component with a standard Wine emulator. This approach eliminates a difference between Windows and Linux visual components, creating a common control environment for a user or an administrator in a heterogeneous network.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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