Germany’s Election Software Is Dangerously Hackable

Germany’s Election Software Is Dangerously Hackable


After hackers believed to be Russian meddled in both the US and French elections, Germany is likely next on the target list. And this week the Chaos Computer Club, a German collective of hackers and security researchers, exposed the results of their unsolicited audit of the country’s voting infrastructure. They found that a program called PC-Wahl, used for recording, counting, displaying, and analyzing votes in German elections from the local level to the national government. The hackers found they could corrupt the updates from the server controlling that software to re-tabulate votes at will, with potentially disastrous consequences for the country’s October parliamentary election. The CCC says that VOTE-IT, the company behind the software, privately fixed the security flaws the group exposed while publicly refusing to acknowledge the vulnerabilities.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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