postmarketOS: An Ultimate Linux Distro For Your Smartphones Is Coming

postmarketOS: An Ultimate Linux Distro For Your Smartphones Is Coming


One of the key strengths of Linux-based operating systems is their ability to run on a variety of hardware, ranging from a decade old computers to the latest generation Intel chips. The kernel developers work day and night to keep our devices breathing running. In the past, we have also prepared a list of Linux distributions that are best suited for older computers with limited hardware requirements.
This brings us to the question — Why aren’t tons of Linux operating system options available for mobile devices? The mobile ecosystem is chiefly dominated by Android and iOS, with Android enjoying a presence on a wide range of devices. But, on the fronts of updates, even Android fails to deliver. Very often the top-of-the-line flagship devices are deprived of the latest updates just after 2-3 years. To solve this question, postmarketOS has appeared on the horizon.
postmarketOS is based on Alpine Linux distro, which is a security-oriented and lightweight Linux distro. Alpine Linux needs 5-6MB for base installation. postmarketOS has an aim to bring a ten-year life-cycle for smartphones, so that they can continue to receive updates. postmarketOS, being developed by Oliver Smith, doesn’t intend to restrict users to one user interface. The user can sue from different interfaces like GNOME, Xfce, KDE, etc. Currently, Plasma Mobile and UBports look like impressive contenders.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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