DDoS Attacks Become More Frequent in Q3, with Linux Dominating

DDoS Attacks Become More Frequent in Q3, with Linux Dominating


According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q3 2017 DDoS Intelligence Report, experts have continued to see an increase in the number of countries where resources have been targeted, with 98 countries subjected to DDoS attacks in the quarter—an increase from 86 countries in Q2.
Kaspersky Lab experts also saw a growing number of DDoS attacks on gaming services, including Final Fantasy, Blizzard Entertainment, American Cardroom and the UK National Lottery. Additionally, the report shows an increase in the number of DDoS attacks targeting platforms conducting next-generation financial services, such as initial coin offerings (ICOs) – an initial deployment of tokens using blockchain technology. Such DDoS attacks are aimed at either discrediting these services, or worse, serving as a distracting maneuver during ordinary theft.
In terms of number of targets, Russia has moved up from seventh to fourth place. Meanwhile, the top 10 most popular host countries for botnet command servers this quarter included Italy and the United Kingdom, displacing Canada and Germany. In both cases, China, South Korea and the United States continued to top the leaderboards as the most popular countries for hosting inexpensive data centers.

Source: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/ddos-attacks-more-frequent/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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