Amazon spins Ubuntu-driven “AWS DeepLens” cam and an AWS-savvy Amazon FreeRTOS

Amazon spins Ubuntu-driven “AWS DeepLens” cam and an AWS-savvy Amazon FreeRTOS


Amazon unveiled a 4MP machine learning camera with AWS hooks that runs Ubuntu on a Cherry Trail SoC. It also launched an Amazon version of FreeRTOS.
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) expanded its AWS cloud ecosystem with a Linux-powered deep learning camera and a FreeRTOS variant, both of which feature built-in connections to AWS and the related AWS IoT Core platforms. The 4-megapixel, HD-ready AWS DeepLens development camera for machine learning is available for $249 pre-order, with shipments expected in April. Billed as “the world’s first video camera optimized to run machine learning models and perform inference on the device,” the WiFi-enabled camera supports a newly announced Amazon SageMaker development framework for managing the machine learning model process.
The open source Amazon FreeRTOS for MCUs is available now for free download. The distribution expands upon FreeRTOS with libraries that add AWS- and AWS Greengrass support for secure cloud-based or local processing connectivity (see farther below).
From a hardware perspective, there’s nothing particularly extraordinary about Amazon’s AWS DeepLens camera. However, the “fully programmable” device has an Intel Cherry Trail x5 system-on-chip with Gen9 graphics, as well as 8GB of RAM, which together are sufficiently powerful to enable local deep learning processing with hooks to AWS services.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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