Raspberry Pi Zero WH Hacker Board Launched With Pre-Soldered GPIO Header

Raspberry Pi Zero WH Hacker Board Launched With Pre-Soldered GPIO Header


The Raspberry Pi Foundation is here with a new (not exactly) hacker board that would be surely loved by tinkerers and makers. Named Raspberry Pi Zero WH, it’s a new variant of existing Zero W.
H in Zero WH stands for “header.” This makes sense as it comes with a professionally soldered header. It would be useful for the people who don’t own a soldering iron or who want to get that work done by somebody else.
With this new variant, the users can use Foundation’s GPIO expander software to access a Pi Zero’s GPIO pins from your computer running Debian Stretch or Mac. With this tool, you don’t need to use SSH while taking advantage of computer’s processing power.
This decreases the overall setup costs and provides great accessibility everywhere. It goes without saying that it’s just a single use case.
“You may want the header for prototyping before you commit to soldering wires directly to a board. Or you may have a temporary build in mind for your Zero W, in which case you won’t want to commit to soldering wires to the board at all,” as per the announcement post.
While your applications might differ, Raspberry Pi Zero WH is surely a sweet addition to the Pi family. The product is available with limited availability at the moment. You can find it on PiHut.com, at 13.40 UK Pounds ($18.40).

Source: https://fossbytes.com/raspberry-pi-zero-wh-hacker-board/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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