Here’s Why Running Linux Distros In VirtualBox Is About To Get Much...

Here’s Why Running Linux Distros In VirtualBox Is About To Get Much Better


With the help of hypervisors like Oracle VirtualBox, one can run operating systems within another pre-installed host operating system and try out the features. When it comes to Linux, the beginners are often advised to try out user-friendly Linux distros in a virtual machine before making the brave jump.
If you have some VirtualBox-related experience in the past, you might be knowing that after installing VirtualBox package, one needs to install the Guest Additions package for a proper experience. This might be a swift and easy process for many, but beginners find it irritating.
Well, the Linux kernel developers are working to add features delivered by VB Guest Additions to Linux kernel, and you can expect to see some work getting done by the release of Linux 4.16, according to OMGUbuntu.
The change will benefit Linux guest operating systems on any host. The awesome folks at Red Hat are looking after this development.
Soon, after installing a Linux distro with kernel 4.16 in VirtualBox, you won’t have to install anything extra to get the complete experience like screen resizing, USB control, etc. Some distros like Ubuntu already come with their own version of additions, but their experience is not that polished.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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