Wine 3.0 Released To Run Windows Apps On Linux Efficiently

Wine 3.0 Released To Run Windows Apps On Linux Efficiently


Just recently, we told you that the support for Linux distros in VirtualBox is about to get a lot better with the release of Linux kernel 4.16. But, what if you wish to run Windows apps on your host Linux system? For that, Wine has got your back.
The recent Wine 3.0 release is finally here after much wait and a year of development effort. The new package contains tons of small-big changes, 6,000 to be precise.
A major highlight of Wine 3.0 is a significant number of Direct3D 10 and 11 changes that have been incorporated in this release. These new features of Direct3D include Computer shaders, Stream output, Structured buffers, Format compatibility queries, Hull and domain shaders, Depth bias, etc.
Direct3D’s multi-threaded command stream feature serializes Direct3D rendering commands into a single threat. This results in rendering correctness and performance improvement.
That’s not all. The Direct3D graphics card database now recognizes more graphics cards. The support for OpenGL core contexts in Direct3D too has been improved.
For Android developers and users, there are some welcome changes as well. Wine can now be built as an APK and one can use it as a proper Android app. Full graphics and audio drivers are also implemented.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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