Firefox 58 Released for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Firefox 58 Released for Linux, Mac, and Windows


The Mozilla Foundation has made Firefox 58 files available for download on its official FTP servers. An official announcement will be made later today when the organization will also release the final changelog.
Firefox 58 marks the first major release since mid-November last year, when Mozilla released Firefox 57, a version that overhauled large parts of the Firefox codebase, including its old add-on system, with Mozilla choosing a new system based on the Chromium-compatible and standardized WebExtensions API.
These changes have continued two months later, in today’s Firefox 58 release. Except for a few changes to Firefox’s settings panel, most of the new Firefox features are under the browser’s hood.
For example, Firefox 58 comes with a new feature called Off-Main-Thread painting, which are improvements to Firefox’s built-in graphics engine.
There is also a new system called the JavaScript Startup Bytecode Cache (JSBC) for improving the browser startup time, and the integration of WebRender, a new web-rendering engine initially developed for Mozilla Servo testbed browser, and which has now been integrated into Firefox. On the UI side, Firefox 58 includes support for auto-filling credit card details, a feature that users can disable or enable from the Privacy section of the browser’s settings panel.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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