Soon You’ll Be Able To Run Linux Apps In VM On Chrome...

Soon You’ll Be Able To Run Linux Apps In VM On Chrome OS


Most of you would be knowing that Chrome OS shares an intimate relationship with Linux. This “bare-bones Linux-based operating system” is based on Gentoo Linux. However, you can’t run Linux applications on it, which is a deal breaker for many enthusiasts.
If you’re really willing to run Linux apps on Chrome OS, you can do so with the help of solutions like Crouton that need you to turn off most of the security features by enabling Developer Mode. It looks like Google is working on an upcoming feature to bring a similar functionality to Chrome OS.
As per a new commit on Chromium Gerrit, Chrome OS will get a “New device policy to allow Linux VMs on Chrome OS,” according to a report from Android Police. The commit hints at a “Better Together” menu in the Chrome OS settings.
With the help of this option, the users will be able to install Linux distros like Ubuntu or Arch Linux and use popular applications. Moreover, gaming enthusiasts will be able to run Steam. Given that many Chromebooks available in the market ship with more than capable hardware, this shouldn’t be a problem in real-life.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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