Next Tails Anonymous OS Release Will Be Powered by Linux Kernel 4.15,...

Next Tails Anonymous OS Release Will Be Powered by Linux Kernel 4.15, Tor 3.2.9


Tails 3.6 recently entered development, and a first release candidate image is now ready for public testing, suggesting the upcoming release will be the first to be powered by the latest Linux 4.15 kernel and ship with the most recent TOR 3.2.9 client/server technologies for accessing the dark web.
The upcoming Tails OS release is also the first to ship with screen locking support, which apparently can be used even without the root (system administrator) password. Also, there are several upgraded components included, starting with the tails-additional-softwares package, which no longer blocks the desktop.
Among other updated components that will be included in the upcoming Tails 3.6 release, we can mention the latest Mozilla Thunderbird 52.6.0 email and news client with an AppArmor profile enabled by default for improved security and the Electrum 3.0.6 Bitcoin wallet.
Last but not least, the OpenPGP Applet has been updated to no longer hang when attempting to decrypt significant portions of text from the system’s clipboard, and the Tails installer was fixed against bugs that would caused it to crash when used in other languages than English.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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