Android Phones Caught Selling with Pre-Installed Factory Malware

Android Phones Caught Selling with Pre-Installed Factory Malware


Security company Dr. Web says that it came across a new Trojan called Android.Triada.231 in the firmware of several Android devices back in mid-2017, and after an in-depth research, it discovered that over 40 models are likely to be affected.
Most of the compromised phones are in the low-end category, and they include devices from Leagoo, Doogee, Umi, and Cubot. Newer models include the Leagoo M9 launched in December.
Dr. Web explains that it contacted the affected companies to report the problem, and it discovered that at least in one case, the culprit was a partnership with a software developing company in Shanghai which required Android OEMs to pre-install one of its apps into the image of the mobile operating system.
Stealing confidential information
As for how dangerous the malware can be for Android users purchasing these phones, the security firm says it can steal confidential information, like banking data and personal details.
The security company warns that the number of Android phones possibly shipping with the same malware could be bigger, though for the time being, only the models below have been confirmed to be compromised.
Removing the malware from a phone isn’t possible without installing a clean version of the operating system, in which case the manufacturer is the only one that can help. If the device is rooted, security applications can help clean the infection.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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