Zorin OS 12.3 Linux Distro Released: Download The Perfect Windows Replacement

Zorin OS 12.3 Linux Distro Released: Download The Perfect Windows Replacement


While listing out the best distros for a Linux beginner, the ease of use and installation are the most critical factors. Such qualities make distros like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Zorin OS the most recommended options. In case you’re also concerned about your privacy and security, a shift to the world of Linux becomes a more obvious option.
Calling itself a replacement for Windows and macOS, Zorin OS has been established as a beginner-friendly option that offers a smooth ride while making the transition. The latest Zorin OS 12.3 release works to strengthen the basics of the operating system and polishes the whole experience.
While the number of applications available for Linux distros keeps on increasing each day, there are some cases when one misses Windows system. To help you out in such cases, the latest Wine 3.0 for running Windows apps has been built into Zorin OS 12.3. This means that you can now enjoy a better experience with Windows apps.
With the addition of Direct3D 10 and 11 support in Wine 3.0, you get access to even a bigger library of games in Zorin OS.
Talking about the looks and feels, with the user feedback, the team has worked to make the Zorin OS desktop more intuitive. Now one can select custom colors to folders and attach file emblems.
In case you’re printing a document, a new indicator appears on its own in the panel. You can also use the Windows List layout in Zorin OS 12.3 and pin/label apps directly from the panel.
It goes without saying that the Linux 4.13-powered Zorin OS ships with all the updated packages for a better out-of-the-box experience.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/zorin-os-12-3-linux-download-features/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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