New Firefox Extension Builds a Wall Around Facebook

New Firefox Extension Builds a Wall Around Facebook


Mozilla on Tuesday announced Facebook Container, a Firefox browser extension that is designed to segregate users’ activity on Facebook from their other Web activity, limiting Facebook’s ability to track them and gather personal data.
Mozilla recently has engaged in an aggressive strategy to counter Facebook data management policies that many see as intrusive.
The extension is the culmination of more than two years of research into developing a more private browsing experience, Mozilla said. However, the organization accelerated its development after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal came to light.
However, the Firefox extension would not affect the type of data access and analytics activities associated with the Cambridge Analytica controversy, the organization said.
The Firefox browser extension works by isolating the user’s identity in a separate container, Mozilla explained.
Mozilla does not collect data from customers who use the Facebook Container — it only tracks how often the extension is installed and removed.
Installation of the extension results in removal of the user’s Facebook cookies and logout from Facebook. The next time the user opens Facebook, it will load in a blue-colored tab where the user can navigate the site as usual. If the user clicks on a non-Facebook link, that site will open outside the container.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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