New site lets you test Google’s mysterious new OS that might someday...

New site lets you test Google’s mysterious new OS that might someday replace Android


It seems right now like Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS platform will be the world’s most popular mobile operating systems forever. After all, every mobile OS that came before them, and everything else that has come along since these two platforms took off, has been crushed. Of course, those of us who have been around long enough remember that at one point in time, Nokia’s Symbian platform seemed like it would reign supreme forever. Platforms like Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry OS used to dominate the global market, and now they don’t even exist anymore.
There’s no telling how long iOS and Android will be the only two mobile platforms that matter. There’s also no telling what might replace them. But Google is already planning for the future, and it’s in the process of developing a mysterious new operating system that may someday render Android obsolete.
As far as what we know at this point, there isn’t much to go on. We know that Fuchsia isn’t built on Linux kernel like Android and Chrome OS. Instead, it uses Google’s own Zircon kernel. What’s more, Fuchsia uses a new in-house programming language. Long story short, Fuchsia is all Google from top to bottom, despite being open source.
Go to to check it out.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


  1. Bring it on – I have ditched everything Google EXCEPT YouTube and the Google Play Store… These days, I exclusively use Open Source alternatives OR I run it via an alternative on my own domain.

    I don’t mind giving up on my YouTube account – but the Google Play Store I’ve actually invested a lot of money in, so the sooner it’s replaced by something else, the sooner I am not longer bound by Google’s ecosystem.

  2. Bring it down – ” the sooner I am not longer bound by Google’s ecosystem….”??
    “Fuchsia is all Google from top to bottom”

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