Fedora 28 “Cutting Edge” Linux Distro Released With New Features

Fedora 28 “Cutting Edge” Linux Distro Released With New Features


Red Hat-sponsored Fedora operating system is known for its bleeding edge features and leading the way for other Linux distros. Very often Fedora makes way for technologies that are often adopted by other distro developers. It’s also Red Hat’s testing ground as it acts as the upstream source of RHEL.
GNOME 3.28 is the default desktop environment shipping with this release. As a result, you get a wide variety of improvements and fixes. The most notable GNOME 3.28 features are updates to Files, Contacts, Clocks, Calendar, and on-screen keyboard apps.
Fedora 28 comes included with some popular 3rd-party software repos like Chrome, PyCharm, Steam, etc. You’re asked to enable them when you launch GNOME Software 3.28 for the first time.
On the hardware front, Thunderbolt 3 support has been added. This Fedora 28 feature will allow GNOME shell to automatically enroll Thunderbolt devices when they’re connected.
This little change is going to make the lives of many Linux enthusiasts more comfortable– especially for those who love to hop distros and try out things on virtual machines. So, from Fedora 28, any installation of Fedora will have Virtual Box Guest Additions working out of the box. This will bring capabilities like auto desktop resizing, seamless mode, copy/paste b/w host and guest etc.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/fedora-28-download-features/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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