Fedora 28 Is Out And Developers Are In Love With It

Fedora 28 Is Out And Developers Are In Love With It


Fedora, the love of many Linux enthusiasts just got an upgrade and brings a lot of new features. Fedora is not something a novice Linux user uses, if you are one, try out Ubuntu or Linux Mint as they are simpler and have a lot of resources to help you if you are stuck somewhere. But, if you are a serious Linux user, you would have tried Fedora at some point.
Fedora is a Linux distribution developed by the Fedora Project which is community-supported and sponsored by the Red Hat. The latest version of Fedora uses Linux Kernel 4.16.3. The latest Fedora28 comes in three different editions for a different use- cases: Fedora 26 Workstation, Fedora 28 Server, and Fedora 28 Atomic Host.
All the mentioned versions are basically built from a common set of base packages and then extended to serve different purposes. The new packages come with a lot of bug fixes and performance tweaks along with some new features. The latest Fedora28 base package comes with all the latest compilers including GNU Compiler Collection(GCC) 8, Ruby 2.5 and Golang 1.10.
The latest Fedora version tries to solve a very common problem most programmers face. It brings the modular repository feature which lets the developer use alternative software versions rather than the default package. This means, if you are a Ruby developer, you can use different versions of Ruby in different projects and maintain a good workflow without needing to change much.
Fedora is making this possible with their new optional repository Modular or the “Application Stream” or AppStream in short. This software ships the software versions on independent life cycles. This helps in choosing the right version of the repository and still keep the operating system up-to-date.
This is done via a new optional repository Modular, aka the “Application Stream” or AppStream for short.

Source: https://www.technotification.com/2018/05/fedora-28-is-out-and-developers-are-in-love-with-it.html
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