Endless OS 3.4 Released With New Features, Linux 4.15, And Phone Companion...

Endless OS 3.4 Released With New Features, Linux 4.15, And Phone Companion App


Founded in 2011, Endless Mobile, Inc. develops Linux-based Endless OS and hardware running the same. The firm has recently shipped Endless OS 3.4, the latest and major release of the operating system.
As it’s a big feature release, it goes without saying that Endless OS 3.4 comes with many changes and new features. Thanks to an updated open source core, 3.4 also ships with stability and performance improvements.
That being said, let’s tell you about the major new features shipping with Endless OS 3.4.
This release has gained the functionality of detecting what kind of internet connection one is running; it’ll let you make sure that your system doesn’t try to suck tons of data on a limited data connection. In case Endless isn’t able to detect the type of connection, there’s a toggle to mark it manually.
A special new feature for Android users is also coming to Endless OS. Called Endless Companion App, it’ll let you browse the content of your phone with ease and get notifications.
In other improvements, there’s GNOME 3.26, Linux 4.15 kernel, polished applications, latest LibreOffice, etc.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/endless-os-3-4-released-new-features-download/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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