GNU Emacs 26.1 released

GNU Emacs 26.1 released


GNU Emacs is a text editor that contains a variety of functions and can be equipped with any extensions through its programming interface. It includes enhancements for such diverse things as compiling and debugging programs, handling e-mail, and supporting the X Window System. For fun and to show what can be done with Emacs Lisp everything, the editor also includes a “psychotherapist” and various games. Emacs also includes a tutorial and documentation. Furthermore, Emacs is universally applicable and also available on many other platforms.
As Nicolas Petton announced, a new generation of applications is available over a year and a half after the last major release. The version 26.1 comes with many innovations and improvements. From the user’s point of view, one of the most important new features is the revision of the presentation of content, which among other things should prevent flickering. In addition, the application has been given a limited form of parallelism with Lisp threads. Flymake has been completely redesigned and optional line numbers can be displayed in the buffer.
Other recent additions to GNU Emacs 26.1 include enhancements to TRAMP, which now includes a new Google Drive connection method, a one-line horizontal scrolling mode, and support for 24-bit color on text terminals. Furthermore, Emacs will be delivered with a matching systemd-unit-file.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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