Linux 4.18 And Zorin OS 12.4 Released With Big Changes

Linux 4.18 And Zorin OS 12.4 Released With Big Changes


Linux boss Linus Torvalds has officially shipped the much-awaited Linux kernel 4.18 release.
It has arrived a week late due to some minor changes, primarily related to networking. Overall, as compared to the previous releases, 4.18 is a lighter release with about 100k fewer lines than 4.17.
The major changes that have arrived pertain to the improved AMDGPU support and complete Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ support. There’s an initial support for Vega M graphics and Intel Ice Lake Gen 11 graphics as well.
It goes without saying that the release has also opened the Linux 4.19 merge window.
You can grab Linux 4.18 from
The developers of the beginner-friendly Linux distro Zorin OS have released the latest version — Zorin OS 12.4. Just as you’d expect, it brings better hardware support, bugs and security fixes, and performance improvements.
Powered by Linux kernel 4.15 and updated X server graphics stack, 12.4 aims to serve users in a better manner.
It’s worth noting that Zorin OS 12.4 is the last point release before the next major Ubuntu 18.04.1-based release, which is scheduled to arrive in upcoming months.

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